Fun ways to encourage your kid to brush their teeth

Introduction – 

Good dental health begins very early in life. Preventing tooth decay and gum disease in children starts with daily dental and gum maintenance. Additionally, it aids in forming consistent behaviour in your kid.

Children who don’t brush their teeth are more likely to develop cavities and dental decay, which can cause more serious problems like pain, infections, and difficulties communicating and eating later in life. To prevent problems later in life, parents should assist their children in taking good care of their teeth.

Which Toothbrush Is Perfect for Children?

No matter your child’s age, always make sure to select a toothbrush with soft bristle, which aids in successfully removing plaque. Soft bristles are kind to your child’s delicate gums and teeth. 

So what can you do to facilitate tooth cleaning with your children?

1. Establishing healthy dental habits at a young age

Brushing teeth on a regular basis can help prevent gum disease and dental decay by removing plaque and bacteria; two times a day, in the morning and before going to bed. Make cleaning teeth a habit by introducing it to kids at a young age.

2. Teach young children WHY teeth need to be cleaned.

While your child is brushing his teeth, allow him to gaze in the mirror. Inspect your child’s teeth for any plaque accumulation close to the gum line. To examine for cavities, ask your toddler to open his mouth widely. After cleaning, ask your young child to spit out the toothpaste.

3. Play the part about brushing your teeth with a doll or a teddy animal.

There are many dolls and toys available that have their own toothbrush, all of which are intended to inspire children to clean their own teeth. You can use any toy they already own and simply keep an extra toothbrush on hand to ‘brush’ the teeth of the toy as well if you don’t have one of these fancy teeth-brushing toys. It will inspire toddlers to clean their own teeth when they witness their favourite toy doing so.

4. Allow them to pick their own toothbrush.

Take them shopping and let them choose a toothbrush that is suitable for their age. It’s possible that it features their favourite figure or even plays music when they brush.

5. Play music while brushing teeth

The sensory element of music while brushing the teeth makes the activity more relaxing and pleasant. To help your kid know exactly how long to brush for, music can also be used as a timer. This is particularly helpful if your child only brushes their teeth for 10 seconds on average rather than the suggested two minutes.

6. Reward Your Kids For Brushing Their Teeth

To make the procedure simpler, think about setting up a reward system. You could make a sticker chart and ask your kid to choose a label to put on it after brushing their teeth or you could reward them with something after a month of twice-daily brushing.

7. Make brushing pearly whites enjoyable!

Kids will do anything to escape a task if it seems like a chore, but making it enjoyable might help. Make up your own activity to play with while brushing your teeth, such as seeing who can produce the most bubbles or foam, or dance while brushing your teeth. Use your creativity, be inventive, and fill those kids with joy because fun makes everything better.


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